Why are only some FRBs displayed?

I’ve noticed that some FRBs are available on astro-colibri, but some are not. I work with the DSA-110, which gets FRB names from TNS. Some of our sources appear here, but others do not. For example, this one is public and on TNS, but is not shown here: https://www.wis-tns.org/object/20220831A.
Can you help me set up the metadata or alert such that all DSA-110 FRBs appear here?


I’m sorry, but I found it after setting the time window properly. Everything works as expected.

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I guess I’m still a bit confused, because CHIME/FRB has events on this service, but only a few. Is there a good way to understand what FRB event streams are displayed?

Hi @caseyjlaw,

thanks for reaching out!
We should have ingested all FRBs that are available to TNS. But it could always be that we missed some, so please let us know if this is the case.

That makes sense with what I’m seeing. Sorry for the confusion.
I’m glad to have learned about this tool at Hotwired!

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