Astro-COLIBRI Version 2.14.0 Released!

Dear Astro-COLIBRI users,

We are excited to announce the release of Astro-COLIBRI Version 2.14.0 as of July 1, 2024. This update brings several significant improvements and new features to enhance your experience and capabilities on our platform. Below is a summary of what’s new and improved in this version:

New Features:

  • :star2: Regular Event Updates from TNS: Changes to the information registered on the official IAU “Transient Name Server” (TNS) are now incorporated on a regular basis into Astro-COLIBRI.
  • :card_index_dividers: Change History for Events: All events within Astro-COLIBRI now include a detailed change history for better tracking of modification and illustration of the evolution of the available information over time. Switch to “science” mode to access the history.
  • :date: Extended Date Selection: Increased flexibility to select specific dates for the scheduling follow-up observation using tilepy, the multi-observatory, and the long-term visibility assessments.
  • :boom: GRB ToO Observations by H.E.S.S.: We have integrated public information about GRB Target of Opportunity (ToO) observations from the H.E.S.S. high-energy gamma-ray observatory.

Minor Changes:

  • :mag: New Filter in ‘General’: A new filter allowing differentiation between various follow-up networks.
  • :bell: Higher Priority Notifications: Notifications are now sent with higher priority to ensure timely updates on both Android and iOS.
  • :arrows_counterclockwise: Reset Date Range in App Filtering: Easily reset the date range while filtering events in the app.
  • Reduced Alert Region Around T CrB: To minimize false alerts, we have reduced the monitoring window around T Coronae Borealis to 0.1 x 0.1 deg²

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

  • Event Submissions to RAPAS: Resolved issues with event submissions to the RAPAS network.
  • Visibility Figures on Smartphones: Fixed the issue preventing visibility figures from being accessible to some smartphone users.

We hope these updates will further improve your user experience and the efficiency of your astronomical observations and research. Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback, which helps us to keep improving Astro-COLIBRI.

Clear skies,
The Astro-COLIBRI Team

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Hi guys

  • New filter (within ‘general’) allowing to different follow-up networks
    I could’nt find ‘general’ via the APIDOC. New end Point or the ability to select/ (take into account) the “follow-up” field in any query

Hi Fabian,
No troubles detected running the 2.14.0 version.

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Hi All,

When I click on the arrow “Download selected events” from the web interface, my browser displays a json file from "

Do you provide a query endpoint giving the same file using my UserId ?

The general usage of the filters hasn’t changed. Therefore the documentation (incl. the interactive notebook) has indeed not been updated. But we understand your question and we’ll think about a nice example and will add it soon…

The filter definition can for the moment only be retrieved via the graphical interfaces. We’ll be implementing the long-requested use of user-defined filters directly in the API very soon. For the moment we had not thought that the download of the JSON version of the filters via the API is usefull but we can add this if necessary.