Using the TilePy Api with Astro-Colibri

1 - Is the tilepy Api described in tilepy implemented in the Astro-Colibri platform?
If not, is it scheduled ?

2- Is the url_map parameter accessible now in the Json response to /tatest

Thanks for further details.

Yes to both questions.

  1. Tilepy is directly accessible from Astro-COLIBRI: after selection of a gravitational wave event, a new button called “Schedule” become available in the (science mode) interfaces next to the visibility plot. This sends the selected event and the parameters of the selected follow-up instrument to the tilepy API. The calculated schedule is then shown in the Astro-COLIBRI interface and can be downloaded as JSON file.

  2. The url pointing to the FITS file of the GW localisation map is given in the Astro-COLIBRI JSON events as the “event_url” parameter.

Thanks Fabian for these answers,

For use from Prism, I understand that

  • I have to change my request Url between the two phases (selection of the GW event & request of the schedule)
  • I have to provide my observation facility parameters for the schedule request
  • In case of re-planification for a gw event, is it possible to take into account the tiles stiil acquired?

Thanks to improve my understandig of the facility.

  1. Yes, you’ll need to change the name of the parameter. We had indeed not thought about this use-case external to our own interfaces and thus did not make sure to use the same naming schemes across both platforms.
  2. Yes, otherwise tilepy would not know about the visibiliyt of the various sky regions from your facility, the field-of-view (FoV) each observation will cover, if you are able to observe during moon,- or even sunlight (e.g. radio telescopes), etc… The various paramters that provide this information are documented on the tilepy API documentation you are already using.
  3. While the tilepy code itself can use a list of already obtained observations during the calculation of an updated schedule, this feature is not available via the API.

I tried to use the Schedule button on the gw event s240515m. I doesn’t succeeded giving the message : “Tilepy did not find an observation schedule for the given parameters…” . More, it does not ask me for my observation field of view. How can it calculate the tiles without the FOV ? Why unsuccess ?
Thank you

You can set the FoV together with the other parameters of your observatory: head to the “Observer location” menu item in the mobile app or click the Capture d’écran 2024-05-21 à 08.51.03 icon in the web interface.

The parameters you can define are:

OK merci Fabian ! Comment savoir si un évènement permet de générer un tuilage ? Lors de mon essai il y a eu échec. Le FoV était renseigné.

This should in principle work for all GW events.
Note however that there is an intrinsic cut on the GW localisation probability covered within each observation that needs to be larger than 1e-9 for each proposed observation. If your FoV is very small compared to the extend of the GW localisation, this cut may lead to an unsuccessfull scheduling. The relevant parameter is min_probability_tile, see the documentation of the tilepy API.
Feel free to send me your configuration as direct chat message or email so that I can have a look if this is indeed the case.