Astro-COLIBRI Version 2.13.0 released

We are excited to announce the release of Astro-COLIBRI Version 2.13.0, packed with new features and enhancements designed to improve your astronomical research and observations. Here’s a detailed look at what’s new:

Rate Limits for Intensive Endpoints: To ensure smooth performance, we’ve introduced rate limits on the most computing and IO intensive endpoints, specifically latest_transients and cone_search. For more information, see the previous announcement about Upcoming API Access Restrictions

Enhanced General Filters: Now you can apply general filters such as sources visible by the selected observatory, angular distance to the sun, re-classified events, and more. These filters will help you better refine your searches and observations. Let us know your feedback and ideas for further improvements and additions!

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes:

  • Use of GPT-4o for event descriptions: We’ve upgraded our event descriptions to use GPT-4o, hopefully providing more accurate and faster information about each event.
  • New observatories: Gemini North and South observatories are now part of our platform.
  • Custom observation duration for Tilepy scheduling: Users can now define the duration of an observation in the settings of their favorite observatory. This configuratio is then used for the tilepy scheduling plan of gravitational wave (GW) follow-ups, offering greater flexibility.
  • Direct links to Scientific Publications: Each source now includes a direct link to relevant scientific publications on ADS/SciX, making it easier to access additional information and research.
  • tilepy GW follow-up observation plans for radio observatories are now working correctly.
  • General performance improvements and minor changes to enhance your experience.

As always, we value your feedback and look forward to hearing how these new features are working for you.

Clear skies and happy observing!
The Astro-COLIBRI Team

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Hi Fabian, we experience some difficulties : Erreur 400 Bad request…
Any Hint?

Thanks for the report @jean.paul.astro ! We are looking into this…

current request is

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Hi @jean.paul.astro ,
We found a bug in the API during the parsing of some specific request for cone_search or latest_transient.
It is fixed and the updated API is live now. Let us know if you still encounter some issues.

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Hi Mathieu
No improvement…
error message is Now 401 (unauthorized).

We had to implement a rate limiter in the API for cone_search and latest_transients endpoint. As consequence, you need to put your astro-colibri UID in the body of your request (in a new uid field).

Thanks for this last return. we just identified a problem in our last version of PRISM.
Consider the problem as closed.