SN2024bch and SN2024gy spectra

My first post here. I’m Christian Buil, a long-time amateur astronomer!

I’m particularly interested in spectroscopy:

I launched the Sol’Ex and Star’Ex projects quite recently (Solar Explorer and Star Explorer spectriographs):

Here are the spectra of SN2024bch and SN2024gy, taken very recently.

The telescope used is very small (refractor, 100 mm in diameter), which is actually quite deliberate, to demonstrate that, at least for educational purposes, these widely-used instruments can produce spectrographic results.

I’d be interested in a professional spectrum of SN2024bch at t+21 J - t+26 J. Your opinion on this result ?

Note that I used a Star’Ex spectrograph with a resolution of about R=700. The reference star taken is HD93521. For SN2024bch, I worked with a well-polluted sky and the presence of the Moon.