AT2024kbl astrophoto with small EAA telescope

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I am a complete newbie to the field - clearly a hobby to look at the stars for me, but I was always interested to do more than looking and making nice images. Astrometry is more intriguing to me than just making photos.
I tried AT2024kbl as target for tonight with the smallest telescope anybody here can imagine (SeeStar S50), only 10 min aquisition with 30 sec subs. I analyzed it in ASTAP and I think it is the event 147 in the png attached. Is this correct? How can I check this better? Where could I share the fits file and is sharing this any help to somebody?

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Hi Volker,

welcome! And thanks for sharing your observations!

I am absolutely not an expert on optical observations and photometry. With this disclaimer, I believe your source 147 is dominated by the host galaxy of the transient AT 2024kbl. You can use the link to the Aladin or ESA-Sky platforms that are available in Astro-COLIBRI (web: bottom right of the screen; mobile: last screen to the right => External links) to get an overview the region from archival data. The Aladin link brings you to this page:

As you can see, the host galaxy is already rather bright. You observations certainly include light from the transient source AT 2024kbl, but I am not sure you’ll be able to tell it apart from the host emission.

To find an easier target you may want to have a look at one of the transients selected by and for amateur astronomers, in this case the RAPAS network: RAPAS observation list starting 2024-05-31
As example, the supernova SN 2024ggi is still at a V magnitude around 12.7. It is monitored extensively by amateur + professional observers. Many observations are reported to the AAVSO (the link is also available in Astro-COLIBRI). This could also be a place to share the results of your observations, i.e. the extracted photometric measurements.

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