Known issue: visibilty figures not accessible (v2.13.0)

We have been made aware of an issue that is affecting the latest version v2.13.0 of our apps (Android and iOS): for some users the visibility figures are not accessible.

A quick fix is to select a different follow-up observatory (menu => observer location). Leaving the menu, the visibility figures should now be accessible.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Your Astro-COLIBRI team

Hi Fabian,
Back to development after a few days.
Some difficulties with the current version:

  • Erreur Http 1.1 Internal server error,
  • Json request is
    “filter”: {
    “type”: “OrSpecification”,
    “specs”: [
    “type”: “FieldSpecification”,
    “field”: “transient_flux”,
    “value”: 18,
    “operation”: “<”,
    “typeField”: “float”
    “type”: “FieldSpecification”,
    “field”: “type”,
    “value”: “ot_sn”,
    “operation”: “==”,
    “typeField”: “string”
    “uid”: “-------Yshayp253sTA6zpQ-----”,
    “return_format”: “json”,
    “time_range”: {
    “min”: “2024-06-10T00:00:00.000Z”,
    “max”: “2024-06-24T00:00:00.000Z”

Back to operation: system seems operational

Dear @jean.paul.astro, could the issue your reported be solved by changes on your side or was there an outage on ours?

Hi Fabian,
I reported an incident (now closed) related to unavailability of the service with ununderstandable message. From the web site no warning was displayed about the unavaiability of DB queries (We got only empty answers to requests).
I reviewed my endpoint query , but the issue is probably on your side as the service restarted a few time later without change on my side.

Thanks for the additional information. I was able to chase this issue through our logfiles. There was indeed a crash of our API server around the time you mention. The system recovered within a few minutes and didn’t crash again since… I have identified the reason for the crash, so this particular case should not happen again.

Thanks for the return.