AT 2024eyn, a nova?

five days earlier a GRB was detected not far from this transient, I think I will follow-up this target

AT 2024eyn+GBR


Interesting event indeed! Good catch @jeanpascal.vignes!
The link with the GRB would point to AT 2024eyn being a supernova. If this is indeed the case, the source should get brighter for a few days before slowly starting to fade… Certainly a good target for observations…

Just a note on the GRB. I was the GBM BA, and there wasn’t a GCN circular for this one due to real-time data processing issues. But I performed & uploaded a manual localization for it and can confirm it’s a real GRB!

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Help !
my LC shows a fading maybe with a bump like a knee

But for the next days I won’t be able to follow it, if someone is interested welcome

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the latest Light Curve

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