SN 2024ggi: a fast rising, nearby supernova

A very fast rising type-II supernova in a nearby galaxy (NGC 3621, only 7 Mpc away) has been detected on 2024-04-11. Observers and astrophotographers in the Southern hemisphere will have a great chance to follow this exciting event! Feel free to share your observations!

Details on Astro-COLIBRI: SN 2024ggi

The event has been submitted to the BHTOM, RAPAS, and the Unistellar citizen science networks.


Dear SN enthusiasts,

This SN shows ressemblance with SN2023ixf found last year. Both SN are of core collapse type and show spectral flash ionization features, an indication of interaction with a dense medium.
Being both CC SN and at ~6.7 Mpc they’re supposed this close only a few times per decades, so we’re very lucky !

Here is a comparison of the early day spectroscopy of both targets and they look very similar in their lines and continuum.
Follow-up spectroscopy is encouraged to monitor if these flash ionization features persist after 5-7 days.
This information is very important in particular for gamma-ray telescopes such as Fermi-LAT, HESS, VERITAS, MAGIC, and CTA that search for signs of particle acceleration in supernova.

Enjoy the firework and post spectra here for more exciting discussion !