Astro-COLIBRI v2.11.0: New Features & Improvements!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Astro-COLIBRI v2.11.0, another update that brings a host of new features and improvements to both our web interface and smartphone apps. The focus this time is on facilating the start of follow-up campaigns with the help of observatory networks like BHTOM and RAPAS.

What’s New in v2.11.0?

  • RAPAS Network Integration: We’ve added support for the RAPAS network, allowing you to submit interesting astronomical events directly from Astro-COLIBRI. Plus, we’ll be posting a weekly list of the most interesting transient events here in the Astro-COLIBRI forum. This feature aims to foster community engagement and share valuable insights among amateur astronomers.

  • BHTOM Network Support: Similar to RAPAS, we’ve integrated support for the BHTOM network. This addition enables you to submit noteworthy events from the frontends, enhancing our platform’s capability to serve as a comprehensive tool for astronomical observation and research.

  • Downloadable Filter Settings: Responding to recent discussions here in the forum, you can now download the full filter settings defined in the interface as a JSON file. This feature, available in science mode, will allow for easier developments of tools taking advantage of our API.

  • Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements:

    • We’ve fixed an urgent issue with opening Unistellar deeplinks, removing interferenc between our two applications.
    • New event information has been added, including the sun distance at the time of the detection of an event as well as listing of known follow-up campaigns.
    • As a first step, our platform now also supports multiple brokers (e.g., Ampel, Fink, etc.), broadening the scope of information and resources. thi
    • The API documentation has been updated, making it easier for developers to integrate and work with Astro-COLIBRI’s features.

Get the Update

To experience these new features and improvements, please update your Astro-COLIBRI app through the App Store or Google Play, or visit our web interface. We’re confident that these updates will enhance your astronomical explorations and research.

We Want to Hear from You!

Your feedback is invaluable to us. After you’ve explored the new features, please share your thoughts and suggestions in the forum or through our feedback channels. Your input helps us make Astro-COLIBRI even better.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Clear skies and happy stargazing!

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Thanks for this new version.

  • Actually, I have a problem getting events by API with Url containing strange codage like “//”.
    Is it an "escape for “//” ?

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you send us an example so that we can reproduce your issue?

Hi Fabian,

Joined, you’ll see the screen output of our utility.
On the left our internal format, on the right the text view of the Json format: actually, Jsob string chain are not ‘decoded’.

According to RFC7159 §13, your output is diffrent : // instead of // .
But the lack of decoding is perhaps on our side.


Internally in our databases none of the string parameters are encoded. We also don’t encode the contents of the JSON that is returned by the latest_transients endpoint. So in principle you should be able to read the strings (including the urls) without additional steps. :man_shrugging:

A new tutorial video is explaining how to create an account, link it with BHTOM, and how to submit new targets to the BHTOM network.

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Hi @Fabian.Schussler
I’m already registered in BHTOM at some weeks, but I’m receiving a message of submission failed in the platform. But in the BHTOM website the target is created.
Could it be a platform error? I’m letting you know so you can check.

Thanks a lot for the report!
I believe the issue is “only” due to misleading messages. The submission of your targets succeeded indeed correctly, but we still displayed an error message. This is a mistake and I just corrected it. The fix will be deployed with the next release. Please ignore the submission errors for the moment.

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Hi Jean Paul,
are you still encountering this issue ? Could you send me the exact request your are performing to the API ?

Hi Mathieu,
Thanks for the follow-up.
Problem is closed; the bug was on my side as I was “OverDecoding” the unencoded Json…

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Thanks for the feedback. It’s great that the issue is solved.

Where can I find the mass of each binary object when Astro-COLIBRI announces a Gravitational Wave event?

Hi @ewrinc, unfortunately the individual masses of the merging objects is not published by the LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA collaboration in the GW alerts. This information is typically only becoming available in subsequent and much later (catalog) publications.