What is so special with GRB221009A?

Hi, I heard a lot about GRB221009A in the astronomy community.What is so special about this astrophysical source?

Very good question! GRB 221009A is indeed a very special gamma-ray burst (grb)! It is called the BOAT, for Brightest Of All Times, because it clearly is the brightest burst ever detected. It is also part of the handfull of GRBs that have been detected up to TeV energies: the LHAASO air shower array was able to record the onset and early evolution of this highest energy radiation.
But GRB 221009A is also opening new questions: its afterglow phase did not follow the expected behaviour: no TeV emission was detected by H.E.S.S. a couple of days after the explosion and observations with JWST revealed an unusually weak signal from the supernova that followed the initial GRB.

A special issue of the Astrophysical Journal Letters provides a good overview of the BOAT: Focus on the Ultra-luminous Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 221009A