GRB240422A Gamma-Ray Burst

Hi !
I made yesterday morning (2024-04-22 04-34-04) 10 pictures with each filter L, g’ and r’ of the target 17 02 26.4 -67 25 48
Question: What to do with these observations? Who has interest and in which form?
Roger Hellot
AITP Observatory, San Pedro, Chili

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In general one would search for new (and possibly fading) sources in the region compatible with the detected GRB. This typically means to compare the images with archival data (for example by subtracting the archival images from the new ones).

But GRB 240422A is certainly not the easiest target :wink:
The GRB was detected by the GBM onboard the Fermi satellite and it is only localized to a region spanning roughly 10deg in radius! Given the crowded field not too far from the Galactic Plane, it will certainly be challenging to extract meaningful results. But you should give it a try…

Thank you Fabian! Everything has a beginning. I am aware of the difficulty and I probably do not have the resources to respond to it at this time. I tested my responsiveness and the means necessary for a rapid exploitation of the measurements.

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Sure! There will be many more (and easier) opportunities… Looking foward to continued observations and discussions!