SVOM launched 🚀

The Franco-Chinese mission for detection and multi-wavelength observation of gamma-ray bursts and transient phenomena has been launched successfully today at 7h UTC. After a commissioning phase first detections and alerts (that will obviously also become available through Astro-COLIBRI) are expected later this year.

An overview of the various instruments onboard the SVOM satellite and on the ground is available on the SVOM website.

While the various onboard instruments are being turned on one after the other, SVOM has already detected three gamma-ray bursts! Many more to come!

:sparkles: Now SVOM has already detected its first GRB! :sparkles:

While still in early commissioning phase, the onboard algorithm analysing the data recorded by the ECLAIRs instrument detected a burst with a signal to noise of 9.7 in the 8-120 keV energy band on a time window of 40.96 s.

See the public announcement in a GCN circular here:

Additional observations by various ground and space based instruments have been requested.