RAPAS observation list starting 2024-06-28

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New Astrophysical Transient Alert: 4FGL J2032.6+4053

We invite all amateur astronomers to participate in the follow-up observations of this exciting new transient event. For more details, including visibility and coordinates, please visit the Astro-COLIBRI platform: 4FGL J2032.6+4053

Alerte Nouvel Événement Transitoire Astrophysique : 4FGL J2032.6+4053

Nous invitons tous les astronomes amateurs à participer aux observations de suivi de ce nouvel événement transitoire passionnant. Pour plus de détails, y compris la visibilité et les coordonnées, veuillez visiter la plateforme Astro-COLIBRI : 4FGL J2032.6+4053

This is an interesting target called CygX-3 because high-energy gamma-ray flares from this source are rare. It could still be that the real gamma-ray source is only nearby and being confused with this high mass X-ray binary. Only further, detailed observations will tell…