New Astro-COLIBRI release: v2.9.1

Announcing Astro-COLIBRI 2.9.1: AI-Powered Astronomy at Your Service :robot:

The Astro-COLIBRI team is excited to unveil version 2.9.1, with the release of our first-ever GPT-powered chatbot!

Key Update:

  • Astro-COLIBRI GPT Chatbot :robot:: Engage with our AI-driven assistant for an enriched, conversational experience in exploring the transient universe. Whether youre querying supernovae or other transients, our Astro-COLIBRI GPT uses our powerful Astro-COLIBRI API to serve with the latest information. The screenshot demonstrates Astro-COLIBRI GPTs capability to provide detailed information on currently observable supernovae, showcasing just a glimpse of its power. Note that you can only use it with a ChatGPT Plus account:
    ChatGPT - Astro-COLIBRI. Please give feedback so that we can evaluate if it is worth embedding such a service within

Or check out this example conversation:

In addition, weve fine-tuned the web interface for improved performance and introduced precise error circles for custom searches, ensuring a seamless and accurate user experience.

Clear Skies and Happy Observing,
The Astro-COLIBRI Team :rocket::sparkles: