RAPAS observation list starting 2024-03-29

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New Astrophysical Transient Alert: 4FGL J1310.5+3221

We invite all amateur astronomers to participate in the follow-up observations of this exciting new transient event. For more details, including visibility and coordinates, please visit the Astro-COLIBRI platform: 4FGL J1310.5+3221

Alerte Nouvel Événement Transitoire Astrophysique : 4FGL J1310.5+3221

Nous invitons tous les astronomes amateurs à participer aux observations de suivi de ce nouvel événement transitoire passionnant. Pour plus de détails, y compris la visibilité et les coordonnées, veuillez visiter la plateforme Astro-COLIBRI : 4FGL J1310.5+3221

I submitted this flat-spectrum radio quasar because of its recent activity in the GeV gamma-ray band. The source is locate at a redshift of z=0.996 and has been showing significantly increased activity since November 2023 (see below for the lightcurve derived from Fermi-LAT observations using the FLaapLUC tool). This increase was also caught by ground-based very-high-energy gamma-ray instruments like CTA/LST (cf. Astronomer’s Telegram #16381).
Monitoring over the next weeks (at least until the gamma-ray outburst is over) would be very helpful.