PNV J17261813-3809354: a nova detected a high energies

Andrew Pearce an amateur astronomer in Nedlands (Western Australia) discovered a nova explosion in the evening of Feburary 9, 2024. He reported his finding to the IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT):

The nova, with the easy to remember name PNV J17261813-3809354, is located in the Scorpio constellation and is easily visible at the end of the night for observers in the Southern hemisphere. Andrew Pearce reported it with a magnitude of 7.8!

Even more interesting, the Large Area Telescope (LAT), one of two instruments on the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, has detected high-energy gamma-ray emission from a source positionally consistent with the nova. Their results have been reported in an Astronomer’s Telegram:

Details about the event are available on Astro-COLIBRI:

Let us know if you were able to observe this exciting event!


Classified as Classical Novae:

I will try to observe it here at my location.

Last reported magnitude is 5.8. Very bright:

Hi everyone,
AITP is a new Alsatian association that has just installed a telescope (NTM500-CDK17-D432-F2939-F/6.8) in a dome (MPC W96 / S22°57’12,51’’/W68°10’47,96) at Alain Maury’s SpaceObs in San Pedro, Chile. The Nova PNV J172618-380935 in the tail of the Scorpion proposed by Fabian Schussler came at the right time to start the first tests. Here is our first high-resolution spectrum (A. Maetz and Ch. Kreider) realized last Sunday morning.

The imagery (R.Hellot-D.Christen-P.Ditz) gave us pictures with all our filters including this one:

A composition of 5x5 second pictures, 1X1 binning realized with a QHY268M, at the focus of the CDK17 (D432/F2939-F/6.8), trough an UVIRcut filter.

These initial results are therefore encouraging. On the other hand, the constitution of a library, especially of flats, still poses problems to us. So we’re late with the light flow measurements. In addition, exposures, even very short ones, are saturated by the Nova. In the meantime, it’s summer in Chile and the sky has become overcast. It happens too…
So it’s to be continued…

Yours sincerely,
Roger, Association AITP

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